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Leadership Programs

Leadership Within The Three Circles - a facilitation in which we utilize concepts and applications from the book Good to Great as well as our 40+ years of experience with IBM and in our consulting practice - excellent for insights into the organization, leaders and their teams - this may also be a strong accountability session as your teams develop specific solutions to address their Brutal Facts - this exercise is excellent for thoughtful team interaction

Strategic Use of Interactive Styles - the key work is strategic; in this half-day course attendees learn about leadership, teamwork, Jungian psychology (explained with props such as a pensil and a ruler - our goal is to make sure folks get the information rather than to be overly clinical), interactive styles, skills, required skills, Personal Contribution Statements, personal meeting techniquies and development of action plans for targeted individuals; we send you post-reports as well as an organizational gap analysis - this is both enjoyable and useful; it is very non-threatening and serves needs in areas such as teambuilding and aligning participants throughout the organization or within the department - it is also an excellent productivity tool.

Brainstorming/Focus Group Model - The Leadership Consulting Group, Inc. has developed a highly interactive two hour data gathering process that is designed to maximize employee or customer input; in this work employees (or clients) are able to actively provide input into waht is going well in addition to areas requiring improvement - in our view a balanced perspective is essential - this fast-paced approach works well, our process is designed so that participants receive closure and actions are implemented - this work also dovetails well with our efforts in areas such as employee opinion surveys

Department Resume - in this self-sustaining process your team will write a resume for your department that accurately reflects your organization's skills, accomplishments and/or goals; subsequently, the group becomes able to more successfully market the team to internal/external customers as well as increase the appreciation for the department's value and business contributions - an excellent tool for helping teams to appreciate and articulate their worth to the organization; the sustaining nature of the work ensures that, internally as well as externally, teams are continuously talking with and listening to one another.

Customer Service - Developing Your Top 10 List - in this highly interactive process the Leadership Consulting Group, Inc. works with your team to help develop a prioritized, customized Top 10 List of the most critical customer service items that will enable your business and your customers to sustain and grow; we then help you take this useful information and turn it into action plans that will address their needs as well as yours; additionally we would provide you with a tool and a process for structured customer meetings - this is not customer service training; rather it is an iterative self-sustaining approach for improved interactions with internal or external customers.

Face to the Future - In this unique process, we work with organizational leadership to develop the attributes, behaviors and characteristics that are desired in the workforce in the future; ultimately, the current workforce is informally ranked in the future light to determine "go forward" actions and needs - an excellent tool for communications with the team as well as for work group analysis; the uses of this work are myriad - much of this work ties in well with crisply defining what you want in your team.

Positive Workplace Culture - this self-sustaining program is designed to enable organizations to define what really makes their workplace tick so taht managers are consistently and constantly in front of their employees talking about what is best about the company; our skills in listening and in leading brainstorming and focus group sessions are employed to develop the "product" and we utilize a success-based foundation to deliver key condepts, best practices and meeting questions that may be used to stimulate positive discussion - ultimately, the materials created will provide managers and supervisors with materials they can use independently for the next five to six years.

Electronic Training - we have some excellent approaches to electronic training that is targeted primarily for members of the blue-collar workforce; the approach is fresh, the results have been outstanding, the training is customized to requirements within your company, the courses area available in multiple languages, and the work - though electronic - does not require folks to be using computers

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